What I have been up to during the holidays. (Lot's of Pics)

January 8, 2016

I've managed to enjoy some days off from work due to the holidays and let me tell you, I really wonder why I can't have more free time to do things I really love!!! I made some Xmas canvases for some of my friends. I painted, I worked and learned a lot about Adobe Premier and After Effects. Although I can't post it because I am still waiting on some edits.


Random Portraits:



Diary Sketches:

I created this series of sketches called Napkin Diaries on Instagram a couple of years ago. I enjoy sketching on napkins while I wait for things such as food, drinks, or people. These that I'm posting are more just sketches in my new sketchbook that Jared got me. But I consider them Diary entries because they are under 30 min quick sketches of life events or thoughts I have.









Mini Xmas Canvases: 








The Beginning of a Late Christmas Present Commission: 

This gift is for Carolyn's Veteran friend. She wants 3, 4in x 4in pop art-mixed media canvases that are miliatry related.  The middle one is going to be a fill in of the letters JOJO. All will incorporate glitter somehow. I can't wait to see what it will turn out looking like.



Back Wall Painting:

I haven't been spray painting that much. It seems to get like that during this time of year. Jared and I bought 4 panels and nailed them to our fence in the backyard. Normally we use it to mess around or for paint jams once in awhile. I did some weird face with hair using the pre existing abstract background. The other one is a worm that was supposed to be incorporated into a character wall but then went awry really fast. There is still hope for the worm though, we might just buff around it or start over.



Sexy New Business Cards: 


Shorts Pocket (For Sale Size 3): 


Thanks for being interested!


Veronica Leon 







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